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Installing Biocleaner Technolgy is very Easy

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The Biocleaner which is rated “A” for green patents, sets itself apart from all other
systems and is in the best biological treatment technology. Unlike other biological
treatment systems, which require regular application of microbes, the Biocleaner
constantly produces its own microbes, eliminating the need to add new microbes every

The Biocleaner is more efficient and an upgrade to the existing technology such as
Activated sludge or Sequencing batch reactor (SBR). 

The Biocleaner is so Powerful that it can break down waste so that there is no organic sludge waste and we can treat waste at the fastest rate and with the smallest footprint compared to other systems. The treatment tanks will be filled with microbes enabling an efficient breakdown of all organic waste including oil and grease. A standard Biocleaner system can be pre-engineered to BOD 5mg/L and COD 20mg/L or even to non-detect depending on how you do it.

No Organic sludge is produced. This means that sludge handling or desludging will no
longer be needed, saving a significant amount of time and money. Sludge Handling costs typically average 90% of your STP expenses. Effluent standards are so high that the need for chlorination may no longer be necessity because parameters will be met already.

Each Biocleaner is powered by small 1.5 – 2.1 HP blower depending on unit size, which
are smaller than other existing technology. Power consumption is significantly low
running at least 1.7kWh per Biocleaner. No expensive transfer pumps needed.

Furthermore, the effectiveness of our patented system enables you to recycle 100% of the wastewater. The recycled water can be suitable for flushing, washing, irrigation on airconditioning cooling towers saving money. Excess water can be used to recharge the
ground water as well. With these benefits, one can boast truly being a more
environmental responsible entity.

For new systems, that area footprint required is much smaller than technology such as
sequencing batch reactors (SBR), saving on capital costs. Typically, the Biocleaner
system needs only half of the area on an SBR system. The area saved can be used for
other purposes. Without the need of a pump room, area is saved. 

This is an environmentally friendly technology because methane is production is negligible and because the electricity consumption is very low. Instead of methane, which is 21 times worse carbon dioxide as a greenhouse gas, the Biocleaner converts the waste into a clean product. In addition, the low power consumption keeps the carbon footprint low as well.

Another benefit of the Biocleaner is that odors will be significantly minimized and
isolated. Places where odor control is important will benefit greatly from the technology.

The BioCleaner can be retrofitted to existing sewage plants (STP) or wastewater
treatment plants (WWTP). The compact nature and easy assemble of the Biocleaner
enables almost all existing systems to benefit from the advantages of this system.

The microbes are all-natural and have not been genetically modified. They are safe from
pathogens or from risk of mutation. Only microbes classified by the US Center for
Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as Biosafety Level 1 are used in the Biocleaner.
Biosafety Level 1 means that if a person ingests the microbes, it will not do any harm to
them. Biocleaner uses specific kind of microbes for the specific kind of waste.

The Biocleaner is a complete biological treatment system. In nature, microbes are used
to decompose dead material until they are returned to the ecosystem. Just like nature, the Biocleaner uses natural microbes are used to treat wastewater towards its original form.

The microbes are in a special patented immobilized state in the form of media.
Immobilized state means that the microbes are dormant or hibernating. When media or
microbes have oxygen and nutrients available, it then activates or awakens and will start multiplying. It is the newly produces microbes that will occupy the entire tank and treat the wastewater to high standards. The media is located along the bottom horizontal tube of the Biocleaner. The microbes use the waste as their food source or where it gets its nutrients. That is why it is critical to use specific microbes for each type of waste. 

The Biocleaner also delivers a very efficient amount of Oxygen to the water. This enables the microbes to have a good source of oxygen needed to flourish. 

The Biocleaner is a natural, cost effective, and fast method of treating waste water.
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