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Transformers goes to better go green with Biocleaner Technology

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Recent technology breakthroughs in the world of wastewater treatment has been found, as a bright spot and Utilization Technology in response to the weaknesses that have been there before. After the United States succeeded in developing a wastewater treatment technology will research. Namely Biocleaner technology.

Biocleaner technology utilized in wastewater treatment has been able to cover the growing weakness teknlogi technology before. Yes Technology
Go Eco-Green and has analysis and planning
mature both in the design and materials to be used it

will greatly affect the value of the effectiveness and efficiency of the
devices made
BioCleaner is the latest technology in the field of waste water treatment WWT.STP sewage treatment plant which has obtained the Green PatentTechnology of USA No.8066873 B2.BioCleaner managed to do some research by collecting various typesbacteria / microorganism that is anaerobic, and aerobic fakultativeThe need to process organic waste in the waste watertreatment system.
 BioCleaner carries the theme No. Sludge, No Odor,Effective and Efficient Environment.The concept of aerobic system in which the bacteria are elected provided by BioCleaner.The bacteria are stored in the ceramic media in a dormant state, in whichonce activated bacteria breed replace existing MLSS.BioCleaner system has various advantages as follows:
  1. It will improve the quality of effluent significantly
  2. Easy to slide in and on the move according to the needs
  3. BioCleaner bacteria will eat the biodegradable solid formed, so that practically does not require any significant sludge handling.
  4. Bacteria BioCleaner will also parse the existing ammonia
  5. Lower electricity usage (more save up to 75%)
  6. BioCleaner will continuously produce new bacteria
  7. No need to bring in and add new case of bacterial bacteria collapse.

With the use of technology and the industry's future world is able to preserve domestic waste water in the world. (Za)
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